HelpBerkeley: COVID-19

Ctrimbur I need meals

I needs meals tomorrow or Monday.

Welcome to Help Berkeley @ctrimbur!

I just marked you down as a consumer, i.e. you can now see the consumer-only areas of the site.

I’m sorry, the meals you order are for the next night, and restaurants stop taking orders at 7 pm, so we can’t get you meals tomorrow, but if you order tomorrow, you’ll be marked down for the day after. We are currently working to see if we can get a restaurant to handle late-night orders.

Here is a link for pointers on your first meal order, you’ll be given instructions as to how to order a meal. (only clickable by already registered consumers)

Our restaurant partners are still learning the system. Please remind them to take your credit card when you call, if they don’t take it automatically.

Please send us feedback so we can improve what we can. You can start a thread in the /I Need Meals/Feedback/ area (you can now see this area) and add a reply to your own thread for every detail that you see where there is a problem. Thanks very much!

Hi Kaelan,

When I click on this link,

I get a message that the page doesn’t exist or is private. I’m logged in. What am I doing wrong? I’ll try to order tomorrow before 5 for Monday delivery.




Catherine, try again, sorry: the fault was on our side.