HelpBerkeley: COVID-19

Dames Don't Care Supplies Delivery

We have a Google form to request deliveries:

I am organizing members of our group Dames Don’t Care Motorcycle Collective who are willing to pick up and deliver what you are making. The benefit is that you stay home and we all mostly have PPE on anyway !

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Hi @DamesDontCare, we would love to work with you!

We have a pretty massive supply capacity (close to 1,000 meals per day). If the pandemic ramps up we will be very hard pressed for drivers. Can we talk on the phone? I will PM you my phone number.

Great, I’m glad to hear you might need us. Sorry, but I’m not navigating your forum very well! I didn’t see your phone, but feel free to call me at 415-902-5862.

We’re mostly motorcycles with a few trucks, so meals could possibly be tricky, but then again we all brag about the vast array of items we can all get on our bikes. Either way, looking forward to talking to you soon.

Lucy Carrera

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You are AWESOME! calling now.