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Gbair request for an account

Some weeks ago I signed up for food delivery. I have yet to get a response to my request.

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Hi @gbair, and welcome!

You signed up 12 days ago. The moment you validated your account, the website page gave you a success message on creating your general account.

However, when registering, you did not check the box: “I want to order meals,” which is what tells us that is what you want to do. I just checked it for you. A dispatcher will promote you to member in the next few hours, after validating your account information and deliver address.

Feel free to ask more questions as you need: we are here to help!

Also note the Thanksgiving dinner being delivered on Wed 11/25, which you will receive a message about when you are promoted: you have to sign up by the end of Sat if you are interested. Welcome to HB!!!

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Hi Michel,
I haven’t heard from the dispatcher yet. I’m not interested in the Thanksgiving meal. Having Thanksgiving with family. I just received an email from Kstarkwe requesting an account and ordering a Thanksgiving meal. it was addressed specifically to me. I hope you are aware of his request. I sure can’t fill it.
Bill Graham

Hi @gbair , welcome to!

You registered to order meals from the restaurants in our program: our dispatchers just made you a consumer. This means that the system now recognizes you as a consumer, and you can now see consumer-only areas of the website.

We have a question for you, @gbair: does your door open directly to the outside (i.e. can the driver find your door directly without going through a lobby?). I can’t find a good street view of your building that allows us to determine that.

Kstartkwe piggybacked on your thread, so no worries. I will get to his request in a few minutes. Thanks for reminding us!

Here is a link for pointers on your first meal order, there are detailed instructions in it as to how to order a meal:

Note: this link is only clickable by registered consumers.

  • If you order meals tomorrow before 5pm, you will receive them the next day in the evening.
  • Please note, that, if you are in a condo or apartment building (essentially a building with an outside doors that is not yours), the driver will call you from her previous delivery, let you know of her arrival, and expect you downstairs: so it is very important that the phone number you list in our database (the one you registered with us) be accurate.
  • important note: we use the phone number you give to the restaurant to find your address in our database, so please give the restaurants the number you gave us when you order (they will ask for name and phone number).

If anything in the process is unclear, and if you need to ask questions, please reply to this thread, or create a new topic in the subcategory /Support/Questions/.

Our restaurant partners are still learning the system. Please remind them to take your credit card information when you call, if they don’t take it automatically.

Please send us feedback so we can improve what we can. To send feedback, you can reply to this thread, or create a new topic in the subcategory /Support/Feedback/.

We hope you will enjoy your meals. Thanks very much!

I live in Berkeley two blocks north the campus. That’s outside your delivery area? A neighbor in my building has had an account with HelpBerkeley for quite a while. She recommended you to me. She doesn’t seem to be outside your delivery area. My address is: [edited for privacy]
Bill G

[edited for privacy]

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@gbair, you are not outside of our delivery area. We already made you a consumer and sent you a welcome message:

You can start ordering anytime you want.

The person who is outside of our delivery area is the user who piggybacked on your thread, and whose message is now in another thread. I am not quite sure why you felt this applied to you?

Hi gblair,

Your message to Help Berkeley came to me, a private subscriber. I am not part of Help Berkeley. I am trying to get a meal too! Please contact them, not me!

@gbair, @kstarkwe, there appears to be a software problem on this thread: each one of your messages appears to go to the other when they shouldn’t. You now have separate threads but somehow each one of you still receives messages the other sends. This is quite strange, but it is the intention of neither of you to do so. The situation is as follows:

  • @gbair you are now a member and can order. Instructions on how to order were already sent to you.
  • @kstarkwe, I very much apologize, but your address is too far outside of our service area for us to be able to send our drivers on delivery runs your way: I am really sorry. You should already have received a direct message to this effect.
  • either one of you can hit the “Visit topic” button, which will take you directly to the site, and will make it easier to avoid this very, very weird phenomenon that I have never witnessed yet.

Now let’s stop using this thread,or both of you will still receive messages from each other!

My apartment has outside access. There is no lobby to go through

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There is a set of stairs on the right side of my building. The stairs open on to a grassy courtyard. My building surrounds the courtyard and is 2 stories high. I’m on the second floor. You get to my apartment by taking the stairs to your immediate left. At the top of the stairs take the open walkway the apartment 10.

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Thanks a bunch for the info, @gbair: we removed you from the condo list and added delivery details to your address.