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Kabe83, welcome!

Hello @kabe83, welcome to the website!

Did you join to volunteer or to order meals?

I want to order meals. I ca’t find a way to see restaurants.

I want to order meals. I’m not sure what to click on to get my message to send thru the website. I thought I indicated that I want to order meals when I signed up. Confused.

Hi Karen,

You did not check either order meals or volunteer, which is why we asked what you wanted to do :slight_smile:

A dispatcher will validate your address and contact info soon, then will promote you to customer. As soon as that happens you will be able to go on the restaurant list. Welcome to!

I responded to someone that I wanted to receive meals, but now I’m on some list as a volunteer. How do I get on the list to receive meals so I can access restaurants? Since this seems to happen to many, maybe a re-work of sign up page is in order. If there was a place to check receive, I would have checked it.

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Hi Karen! You are not on the list as a volunteer.

This happens to about one out of 50 registrants.

There is a check box for that in our registration form, which you accidentally neglected to check.

We already sent you a message here explaining the process: Kabe83, welcome! - #4 by MichelThouati.

Please give us time for a dispatcher to validate your delivery address and contact information. Once this is done, we will promote you to consumer. You will then get a welcome message, and directions on how to access the restaurant list and order. Thank you!

Hi @kabe83 welcome to !

Your registration has gone through and here are the directions for how to access restaurant list and place orders!

You registered to order meals from the restaurants in our program: our dispatchers just made you a consumer. This means that the system now recognizes you as a consumer, and you can now see consumer-only areas of the website.

Here is a link for pointers on your first meal order, there are detailed instructions in it as to how to order a meal:

Note: this link is only clickable by registered consumers.

  • If you order meals tomorrow before 5pm, you will receive them the next day in the evening.
  • Please note, that, if you are in a condo or apartment building (essentially a building with an outside doors that is not yours), the driver will call you from her previous delivery, let you know of her arrival, and expect you downstairs: so it is very important that the phone number you list in our database (the one you registered with us) be accurate.
  • important note: we use the phone number you give to the restaurant to find your address in our database, so please give the restaurants the number you gave us when you order (they will ask for name and phone number).

If anything in the process is unclear, and if you need to ask questions, please reply to this thread, or create a new topic in the subcategory /Support/Questions/.

Our restaurant partners are still learning the system. Please remind them to take your credit card information when you call, if they don’t take it automatically.

Please send us feedback so we can improve what we can. To send feedback, you can reply to this thread, or create a new topic in the subcategory /Support/Feedback/.

We hope you will enjoy your meals. Thanks very much!

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I don’t remember which phone number I gave you when signing up and can’t find a profile. Help?
Karen Peterson

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What matters is not your phone # but your login and password. Your login is kabe83; I can’t see your pwd. You gave us 2 phone #s, one starts with 527 and the other with 206.

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PS I think you can reset your password by trying to log in to It will probably have a link for resetting your pwd.

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So I can use either? Thanks.

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Yes: you can use either one of the two phone numbers you gave us to order, we will recognize you either way!

Btw, here is where to find your profile information:

  • Click on your profile icon on the top right

click 4th icon on the right in the popup, “profile”
click preferences
click profile on the leftmost column

Let us know if we can help you further!