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Kstarkwe meal request

Hi Michael,
I signed up today as a consumer, I would like to order one Thanksgiving Meal. Can you do that for me? I cannot find how to do that. I am quarnatineed at home with Covid.


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@kstarkwe, we validated your address, but, unfortunately, you are quite a way outside of our delivery area, we are really sorry :frowning: When we find addresses that are reasonably close to our service boundaries we bend over backwards to make it possible to service them: in this case, this is just a bit too far for us to be able to include you into our drivers’ delivery runs.

We are truly sorry we cannot help you, and hope that you will find alternative means to get food delivered to you. Again, wishing you the very best.

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Dear Help Berkeley,

I live in El Cerrito and your marketing promo says you deliver to El Cerrito, If this is false you shouldn’t advertise this. My friend sent me your promo as she knows I am stuck at home with Covid and cannot leave the house. I am very disappointed. Here is your promo. Please send out a correction and apology for the false information:


@kstarkwe, we are very sorry: one of our posts mentioned accidentally El Cerrito instead of Kensington. The error was corrected within 20 minutes, but, unfortunately, a good number of people saw it. You can see the post here and you can see it has been corrected:

To make sure that no more errors can be made based on this briefly erroneous post, we will add an additional mention that the error was corrected. We are truly sorry for your disappointment, and we wish you the best of luck. We truly wish we could help.