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Tajhb dispatcher

I am a gap year student in between Berkeley High School and University of Puget Sound. I would love to volunteer to dispatch as I can’t drive right now.

from West Berkeley

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Hi @tajhb , welcome and thanks so much for volunteering with! We would love to work with you.

Our dispatchers have made you a dispatcher, so now you can access dispatcher-only subcategories (subcats) on the website.

Your first task is to familiarize yourself with the site. The best way to do that is to read the New dispatcher welcome (only accessible by dispatchers). Create a new topic in the /Dispatch/Support category (found on the main page of the site) if you have any questions, and I or another staff member will explain anything :slight_smile:

As a dispatchers you can choose to do one (or more) of these four areas:

  • inreach: call our existing members and help them understand how to use our service and our site
  • outreach: call and email other organizations to let people know about us who need us
  • workflow dispatch: turn paper delivery forms from the restaurants into delivery runs for our drivers
  • customer care: respond to questions from new members on how to register and use the system

What would you like to do? Please let us know by replying to this!

Thank you for again for volunteering your time with us, we’re glad to have you on board!

Hi @KaelanTdT ,
I would be interested in doing in reach, outreach, and workflow dispatch.

Thank you so much

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@tajhb, thanks so much for volunteering for so much with us!

I put you in touch with the right people for inreach and workflow already. I will wait for a few days to let you settle in, then do you want to reach out to me to tell me if you want to add outreach to that?

Sure sounds good - I will start with workflow dispatch and inreach first I think