HelpBerkeley: COVID-19

Dames Don't Care Can Drive

@DamesDontCare, thank you so much for offering so many resources to help us with driving, it is truly a wonderful help!

I have made your account an official drivers account, so you can view the driver-exclusive sections and subcategories (sub cats) of the site.

Usually, we would have drivers update us on their individual availability so that we can schedule them. Since, as I understand, you are more of a collection of possible drivers, I think that we should work out something special in regards to schedule with you. So, I’m sending the ball to your court. Here is the scheduling thread if you like: (only clickable by drivers)

Also, here you’ll find instructions on how driving for us works at this link, just so you can ramp up and learn more about what you signed up for :slight_smile: . (also only clickable by drivers)

We’re very happy to have you on board, I’m looking forward to working with you!