Do you deliver to Oakland, Richmond or El Cerrito?

Do you deliver to Oakland?

Answer: we are ready to go slightly out of the official boundaries of Berkeley, Albany and Kensington—in particular when these boundaries zigzag somewhat!

But we can’t go very far: a couple of streets up is what we can do where it makes sense. We always discuss boundary requests with our operations team, and do the best we can to satisfy those who would like to take advantage of our service—but we are limited by how far our drivers can make deliveries in a reasonable amount of time.

We are sorry not to be able to deliver to everyone in the East Bay!

Good evening @SLRbabe,
Sadly we are not able to deliver to you out in Oakland as far as you are. We are prepared to go into Oakland slightly, but you’re too far for us to reach. We are very sorry we can’t deliver to you.
HelpBerkeley dispatching team

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Good morning @Ravenn!

We discussed your location with our Operations team. Unfortunately, you are a bit too far away from our service boundaries for us to be able to deliver to your address :frowning:

We are truly sorry that we can’t deliver to you.