Imjered volunteered to drive

Hi @Imjered , welcome to and thanks very much for volunteering!

Our dispatchers have made you a driver, so now you can access the driver-only subcategories (subcats) on the website.

FAQ: what an event driver needs to know

We will be contact you shortly to schedule a 30-minute event driver training session on Zoom. Please be sure to have read through your FAQ first!

We will be running a major delivery run on Wed 11/24 starting around 1:00pm for Thanksgiving: will you be able to drive with us that day?

Thank you for again for volunteering your time with us, we’re glad to have you on board!

Yes I plan to drive tomorrow 11/24. I look forward to getting more details on meeting/food pickup location and access to delivery route.

I’ll be attending the orientation at noon today (in 5 min)