Important changes to website:

In the next 48 hours, we are adding an easier to understand landing page on the website, so that newcomers are better able to understand what is about!

The landing page will be where the name leads. But the present site will still be where everything we do happens. It will be reachable in two ways:

  • through the landing page by clicking on “log in”:

This page is the result of the very hard work of our extraordinary @coralbm, whose focus on UI and ease of use, and whose attention to detail made it possible: it would never have happened without her!

Let us know what you think of our new landing page and site by starting a thread here:



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landing page looks great. When I click on order next meal I get taken to choose restaurant and when I click there I get an error message


@selene, were you logged in when you did that?

It only works if you are logged in :frowning: Because we can’t have non-members look at it then order, otherwise we can’t know who they are.

We tried to make another change to make this a bit clearer: we changed what the error page says.