KatLauer: logistics and packer!

Hi @Katlauer, welcome to HelpBerkeley.org and thanks very much for volunteering!

Our dispatchers have made you a meal logistics volunteer, so now you can access the meal logistics category on the website.

We are in real need of logistics volunteers on Monday late morning to pack the meals for delivery later that day and clean up around the kitchen (“packing”). Would you be willing to take than on along with the group of packers? The next packer training will occur this Monday 9/27 at 11:00am. Would that work out to you?

Once you reply to this message, You will get “tagged” (i.e. called out by your username, which will automatically generate an email for you) in a thread in the meal logistics subcategory (subcat), where you will be given directions for the training session you can attend!

Thanks so much again for volunteering with us: we look forward to working with you!