LennyBoy event volunteer

Hi @LennyBoy, welcome to HelpBerkeley.org and thanks very much for volunteering! If you are at BHS, I am going there too.

Our dispatchers have made you a event logistics volunteer, so now you can access the meal logistics category on the website.

For our Thanksgiving and their Holiday runs, we have, for full shifts or for 3-hour shifts:

  • On Sunday 11/21 from 10:00am to 3:00pm, food preppers and packers (prep, pack, clean) in a very congenial atmosphere!
  • On Monday 11/22 from 10:00am till ?, food preppers and packers (prep, pack, clean). Chef Alan leads the cooking, while our experienced packing leads organize pack teams.
  • On Wednesday 11/24 from 11:00am to 3:00pm, driver pickup managers (organize drivers and driver traffic, load vehicles)

Could you make the Sunday and Wed dates with us? Or—what works best for you?

I plan to help out Monday from 11:45 to whenever. I will come to the 1925 Ninth street location a little before that.


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Great, thank you so much! I just put you on the list. You will receive a message with details soon! Looking forward to seeing you there!