Need meals? At-risk for COVID-19? Read here!

Now I understand–I need to read the menus one day ahead to order. Is the ordering all online? How do we pay? Do we set up an account through you? Or?
I’m very excited to try this service and grateful that you all have set this up. I’m also impressed that you are hard at work tonight and answering my email registration.
Thank you from BlueRose!

It is simpler than that :slight_smile:

We make deals with local restaurants (about a dozen are live at any given time) so that they sell to our members 2 meals for $10 + tax. Our volunteers deliver them for free. The catch is:

  • you must call and order (and pay) by phone one day ahead
  • you always order 2 meals (dinner next day + lunch day after, although you don’t have to eat them at those moments, of course)
  • you don’t get to pick what you buy: the restaurant will pick the menu the next day. But you can verify with them on the phone that it will be OK for you, or, in your case, the person you are registering: you can (1) pick a type of cuisine that will work for you (most of our restaurants will work for you) and (2) ask to make sure that it will be easy to eat (although you can’t pick what it will be)
  • you set up the account here, as you just did. We will validate your delivery address and contact info, then promote you to member, at which time you can look at the list of restaurants, ordering times etc.

Hope this makes sense! Ask as many questions as you need!

Thank You. I am ready to go when you say so.

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I didn’t order meals when I first signed up but have since been diagnosed with Covid and now I could absolutely use that service! what do I need to do?

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No worries, @wordfreek: your order request flag is up. You do not need to do anything. A dispatcher will validate your address and promote you in the next 24 hours!

@BlueRose, we just figured out that you had not checked the “I want to order meals” box at registration. We just did it for you, and our dispatchers are now able to promote you. That should happen in the next 12 to 24 hours. Welcome!

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I want to order meals.


Hi @Taubones, you were made a consumer yesterday evening already, so you should have access to all:

Are you not able to access the restaurant list?

Hello! Our family is in covid isolation and interested in meal delivery. We have friends supporting us so we are not desperate, but appreciate that the service is out there!

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Just checking – you have been promoted to consumer so you can order meals. Do you need anything else?

HI, I’m pretty sure I clicked on “I want to order meals” but when I click on the list of restaurants it says that it is a private page. I don’t think I’m a consumer yet. Confused on how to proceed. Left you guys a voice message. Thanks.

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@Haydie88, welcome!

You are 100% correct, you did click on it. But a dispatcher has to check your delivery address, contact info etc. before we make you a consumer. It takes from a couple of hours to a day, depending upon dispatchers shifts. You will be up really soon!

Dear @Haydie88
You made a request to order meals through our restaurant partners and have us deliver them. We would love to make it possible!

Unfortunately, your address of delivery is quite far from our area of service. We are willing to deliver outside of our regular Berkeley/ Albany/Kensington areas when we can do so without adding too much distance to our volunteer drivers’ routes. But, in your case, this is just a little too far from our regular deliver area, we are truly sorry. We wish we could deliver to you!

Hi Olivia,

I don’t need them to be delivered. I can pick up the meals from a location or have someone pick them up for me. Can this be arranged? I’m immunocompromised and disabled.

Thank you

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@Haydie88, are you interested in our restaurant program or our free meals program?

If you know someone in S Berkeley to whom we could deliver, we could deliver to them instead of you [if they have a way to get food to you]

We haven’t ordered since one time in Dec. due to hospitalization of meal recipient. He will be coming home sometime soon, however, and definitely needs this service. So please keep us on your list. Thank you.


No worry, @BlueRose, you are good!

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