Piemcg Driver

Hi @piemcg, welcome to HelpBerkeley.org and thanks very much for volunteering!

Our dispatchers have made you a driver, so now you can access the driver-only subcategories (subcats) on the website.

The next driver training sessions, on Zoom, are listed on this thread: https://go.helpberkeley.org/t/new-driver-training-this-week/874. Can you reply to the thread and let us know which session you will attend?

Until then, here is a link to the core information required for drivers to ramp up:
(only clickable by drivers) . Let us know if you have any questions!

Thank you for again for volunteering your time with us, we’re glad to have you on board!

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@piemcg scheduled an 11:00am Sat driver orientation session!

Pierce, can you reply and confirm that you are getting this?

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Hi Michel! I am confirming that I have received your message and will be at the meeting at 11 AM on Saturday. :slight_smile: