Please volunteer to dispatch by posting here

Perfect then! Can you do your first training session this Wed or this Fri late afternoon/ early evening?

im from UK so i would need to figure out the time zone.

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Oh got it. We are PDT right now. You are 7 hours before us. Hmm: this might make it hard for you, as our sessions are typically late afternoon/ early evening. Let’s see if we can make it work. How late do you typically stay up?

be no good then.

We can run 2 of these sessions earlier. So if you tell me what times work out for you we can see what works on our end.

7pm-9pm BST

We have a 40-60 drop run on Monday afternoons that can be dispatched on Saturdays at that time. Would that work for you? In fact, it could be run any time that afternoon and evening your time.

Sorry for the late reply only saw your message when I got told I’m now a dispatcher. So just need some training now to dispatch drivers. @MichelThouati

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@Arcticwolf can you be available for training tomorrow Sat late afternoon early Eve for you, say around 7pm your time, or earlier?


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all the info looks dunting. Also, do we need to give a month’s availability? If that’s so then I cant carry on often get last min plans. @MichelThouati

You can change your availability as you need when things change. We typically schedule a week ahead. If we end up being busy we ask other dispatchers for a swap.

Good to know

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I can help dispatch in the evenings, starting in December. I’m also up for other non-driving tasks in the evenings.

I can volunteer as a dispatcher or a driver […].

Hi, new volunteer here. Happy to help dispatch or prepping/packing in person.

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Hello, I’m a new volunteer. I’m happy to drive, pack meals, or whatever is needed. Let me know.


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