Please volunteer to dispatch by posting here

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You’re already registered in the student group – I think you’ll be contacted from there. (I’m new at this so get back to us if nothing happens within a couple of days.) Thanks for volunteering!

Hi Kira, thanks so much for volunteering with HelpBerkeley! We’re so happy to have you! It looks like you selected meal packaging and logistics when you signed up - but I see here that you’re more interested in dispatching. Dispatching is our biggest group of volunteers in terms of responsibility and variety of roles, there’s a little something for everyone! Here are the main types of dispatching roles we have, all of which are completely remote:

  • Customer care: respond to questions from new members on how to register and use the system
    Our volunteers may pick shifts of roughly 3 hours, throughout the day and the week
  • Workflow dispatch: prepare delivery runs for our drivers—a somewhat technical and detailed-oriented task that requires good familiarity with spreadsheets
    Workflow dispatching shifts start at 7:00pm. Volunteers may pick days of the week for their shifts.

Workflow dispatching is our most intricate and delicate task - it requires a lot of attention, focus and determination, but is equally rewarding! We are always looking for more workflow dispatchers, as it can be a difficult skill to source.

We would love to hear more about how you’re looking to help volunteer, and again thanks so much for generously offering your time with us.



Hi, I was a driver last Summer for HelpBerkeley, and Sol asked me to become a dispatcher but I was off the grid for a few months so I was unable to. I would love to help out as a dispatcher now if there is a need!


Hi @Evab1 , welcome back, it is great to see you here again!

Just to clarify, would you rather volunteer as a driver or a dispatcher?

Hello, I’d love to help out as a dispatcher!

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Hello, I would love to be a dispatcher. I’d be happy to provide tech support and help with outreach, though also happy to help where there is the most need. Also, I’m working to get other people from my chorus, Sacred and Profane, to volunteer – so you may see some references to that from other volunteers (I hope!). Thank you!



I would like to help with marketing and outreach. Contact me at Thank you for all you do.

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Hi, I am a BHS student who wants to be a dispatcher! What can I do to help?


Hi, I’m a BHS student who would be interested in dispatching. Let me know!


Hi, I have more availability to help as a dispatcher than driving over the summer - lmk if you need more dispatchers, and thanks!



I’d like to be a dispatcher please assign people to the delivery type of thing is there a role here for that?

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Hi @Arcticwolf, we do have workflow dispatchers that do just that—but it is a technical task with a lot of spreadsheet work: does that work for you?

I work with spreadsheets with a dog rescue so I’m used to it moving data from one sheet to another and entering it etc.

Perfect then! Can you do your first training session this Wed or this Fri late afternoon/ early evening?

im from UK so i would need to figure out the time zone.

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Oh got it. We are PDT right now. You are 7 hours before us. Hmm: this might make it hard for you, as our sessions are typically late afternoon/ early evening. Let’s see if we can make it work. How late do you typically stay up?

be no good then.

We can run 2 of these sessions earlier. So if you tell me what times work out for you we can see what works on our end.

7pm-9pm BST