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Question: Late meal delivery

Whom can I call now if our 2 veggie meals from Dalian are now 40 minutes late? I was promised 5:30 pm delivery. Is such late delivery typical? This is our first trial use of HelpBerkeley. TY for your reply.

Hello @amandapanda, the delivery window is as wide as 5:30-7:30pm. While most orders arrive by 6pm, it is not unusual to have it be delivered a little later too. You can always call the helpline (831) 264-0237 to ask about your delivery status. You can also find the helpline info on the landing page of the website. Please let me know if there are any questions.

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Thanks, Sol/Driver. The dinners arrived about 6:30pm. I was originally told 5:30 by Dalian, or maybe I read it on the Help-Berkeley Website. Now I know. The driver called a few minutes after drop-off to let us know he had left the food outside our front door. Thanks.