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What do I tell the restaurant when I order?

when I call the restaurant do I give my real name or chiqui ? do I give my primary number?
How do I introduce my self ex: I belong to help berkeley my name is Chiqui I want to order food for tomorrow?

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Hi @chiqui, welcome to HelpBerkeley!

If you follow the links we sent you in your welcome message, you will find this FAQ that describes exactly how to order a meal and answers all your questions:

These are your real name and your primary phone number (or any phone number that you gave us in your registration data)

You would not say that:

You must say that you want HelpBerkeley rations (which are, of course, not in their menu) so that you let them know that this is a part of our program.

Let us know if you have any more questions—but first make sure to spend a few minutes to read the links we gave you in your welcome message "-)