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Asking clarification

First, so appreciative to all of you for providing this, but im a little confused. On the website it only says it’s for seniors, etc, but in the Q&A it says it’s only for “for people who are self-isolating, sick or quarantined. Priority goes to sick people.” and to not sign up if we’re not as your resources are limited. I’m a senior (72 in two months) and am self-isolating in terms of doing only very minimal essential food shopping and keeping 6 foot distancing with people outside, but I can get around to do so, and have been coping okay. If you have ample capacity, it would be wonderful to order meals a couple times a week, but I certainly don’t want to take resources away from more needy recipients. Could you let me know what your current situation is? I signed up but can delete myself. I also mentioned the service to a couple other seniors, but said I wasn’t sure how isolated/quarantined etc they needed to be. Thanks for clarifying!

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Hi @Znewman, and welcome!

You and your friends are absolutely welcome to use the service: we are here to serve you, and them.

We launched in late March 2020, at a time when we expected to have 25,000 sick people in Berkeley six weeks later. At the time, we were worried that demand would rapidly exceed our ability to provide our services. We are very thankful that this did not happen. It is perfectly fine to order a couple of times a week, and that is what many of our members do! We will change our Q&A right away to reflect the present reality. Please let your friends know that we are here and ready to help them!

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Thank you so very much for your quick reply.

And thank you so much for offering this!

And I will pass the info on to the two friends.

Again, much gratitude,


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