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Food insecurity


I have a question about free meal and grocery delivery when food insecurity is an issue due to advancing age and declining health. The immediate reason for the food insecurity is not being able to shop and prepare food. This isn’t directly due to not having enough money to buy food but is indirectly as the cost to get someone to shop and prepare meals is significant. Can HelpBerkeley provide free grocery delivery in this case?


Hi @RusselNbr: the answer is YES. We can. Register into the program using the link you got a few days ago when you signed up.

I was glad to see this post. It’s an issue for me too. Incapacitating health problems, no transportation, not enough energy to prepare meals on a consistent basis. I would be grateful for grocery assistance–either delivery, or transportation to and help in the store. Thank you!

Hi @jakesdotter: by all mean go on this link and we’ll deliver free groceries every week:

We look forward to be of help.

If, on the other hand, you would like someone to do individual shopping for you, then call on Berkeley Mutual Aid!

Thank you for the reply and referral. I’ll check out Berkeley Mutual.

I also have this question (on behalf of a friend in Hayward) and will be very interested in the reply.

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Hi @Jan_r:

As you can see on the thread, the question was already replied here and here: yes, we can help.

But—if your friend lives in Hayward, we would not be able to deliver to her/him, as we can only serve Berkeley and Albany :frowning: The same is true for Berkeley Mutual Aid: your friend would need to find a local organization equivalent to us or to BMA. I wish her/him (and you) the best!