A holiday run of free meals for those who need them

Dear friends of HelpBerkeley,

Do you know someone at risk for COVID who needs meal delivered this Holiday season?

As we did at Thanksgiving, we will have a massive run of Holiday meal deliveries on December 23rd. The deadline for ordering is December 17.

We want to make sure that everyone in Albany, Berkeley and Kensington at risk for COVID can get meals for the Holidays: we will deliver them for free to anyone who orders them. We ask that those who can afford it make a donation, so that we can bring Holiday meals free to those who need them.

Please pass this information along to anyone at risk for COVID who may need a meal! Beyond the ritual of a Holiday meal, we want to let them know that they may be physically isolated but that we care about them and that we are here for them: we don’t want anyone at risk for COVID to feel sad or lonely these Holidays.

If you have friends who may be interested in volunteering with us, please let them know about us as well :slight_smile: As you know, we are solely made of unpaid volunteers, and get no funding whatsoever from anywhere: we depend on volunteers to do all we do, and we always need volunteers!

Happy holidays from your friends at HelpBerkeley.org!

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Hi Michaell, I had originally signed up to be a driver, and then thought perhaps a packager, Because I am 83, a healthy 83, and still, 83, my daughter has asked me not to participate in vivo. with this project. I am wondering if there is any way I could be of service, on the telephone, or in some other form? I would very much like to support this work. I can be reached at this email or at 213-255-0776(an LA #, and I am living in Oakand).
Thank you for what you have created.
All good, Penelope Thompson


Hi, Michel—

It turns out that I am available to deliver holiday meals on Dec. 23. Do you still need people to do it? If so, let me know and we could talk about the details on zoom or on the phone. I know I haven’t had much driver training, but I imagine I could pick it up quickly.


Ann Rosenberg

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I would also be available to help with the bagging on December 22.


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