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A special Thanksgiving dinner when at-risk of COVID-19

Friends of HelpBerkeley:

Too many of us will spend Thanksgiving self-isolated, away from their friends and family, and with no possibility to go shopping for themselves because they are are-risk.

Our volunteers will deliver a Thanksgiving dinner to anyone at risk for COVID-19 in Berkeley, Albany or Kensington! Chef John Gallagher of Nourish You! will cook these delicious meals, and will also offer a vegetarian option. The day after Thanksgiving lunch is something that everyone looks forward to in our family: we will provide this extra meal as well :slight_smile:

To make this possible for everyone, we will not ask for payment. We do ask that those who can afford it make a donation if possible, so as to help us feed everyone. Nobody should go without a Thanksgiving meal in our great nation.

Do you know anyone at-risk of COVID-19? Please let them know right away! Tell them to sign up at, and follow the instructions to order a Thanksgiving meal once they have been made a member. We already have orders for more than 500 meals. We will accept orders until Saturday night, so tell them to act quickly!

Erratum: please note that this post briefly mentioned, by error, El Cerrito as a part of our service area instead of Kensington. The error has been corrected.


We don’t need that. We can’t have gluten in the house so that wouldn’t work for us anyway. But we are so grateful for the meals. It’s great that so many restaurants are accommodating our dietary needs. A friend is going to bring us turkey Thursday.

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Our restaurant partnered really stepped up on that, they are really wonderful!

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Hello, how do I sign up?

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@user4, I see that you found the sign-up thread, wonderful, Happy Thanksgiving!

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Thank you - am I successfully on the list for the Thanksgiving dinner?

You are in by a cat’s whisker :slight_smile:

I would like to make a donation who do I make a check to?

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This is SO NICE of you, thank you very much! You can send a check to:
1009 Creston Rd, Berkeley, CA 94708

Check is in the mail.

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