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Your financial support is needed to bring meals to food insecure seniors and others in our community who are vulnerable to COVID-19. is a grassroots non-profit founded in March 2020 to deliver meals to seniors and others at risk for COVID-19. In just 10 months, we have grown from a group of 6 Berkeley neighbors into a thriving network of 350 volunteers, 1,300 members, and 450 donors. We made 20,000 meal deliveries in 2020. We learned that many of those at-risk for COVID-19—we estimate about 40% of our members—are food insecure. How can we leave thousands of seniors to go hungry in silence, in the East Bay, while nobody notices? It is simply wrong not to help. Put simply we need the funds to do so.

Our goal is to raise $600,000 so we can provide subsidized or free meals to our members throughout 2021. Funds will enable us to deliver at least 6 quality meals per week to 700 plus at-risk persons, with peak capacity to serve 1,200 neighbors. As an all-volunteer organization with no paid staff or overhead, 100% of every dollar donated will reach our constituents.

The past 10 months have proven to be a robust organization with a core strength in operations. We received a Bay Area Jefferson Award for Public Service, granted to “ordinary people who do extraordinary things without expectation of recognition.” We have been recognized by the City of Berkeley, Mayor Jesse Arreguin, vice mayor Sophie Hahn, and multiple city council members. Senator Nancy Skinner has introduced us to her virtual townhall meetings, Both BerkeleySide and The Daily Californian have published articles about, and we have been featured on KPIX and KCBS.


To expand our reach, we need your help. Providing one person at risk with 6 meals per week costs 78$ a month.

We are in the middle of an exceptional pandemic: we must go back 100 years (1918) to find an equivalent in history. We must all make exceptional efforts that we would not consider in normal situations to overcome it. Please help us fight food insecurity among those at risk for COVID-19 by donating today:

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Donate to our crowdfunded campaign on GiveButter: We are your neighbors: help us fight food insecurity
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