How to donate to

HelpBerkeley is a 501(c )(3) public charity. All donations to HelpBerkeley are tax-deductible. We deliver affordable or free meals to seniors and others in the Berkeley area who are vulnerable to COVID-19.

We are a true local grassroots organization, composed of 100% volunteers with no salaried employees. Started in March 2020, the day after the first Shelter-In-Place order, our goal is to help our direct neighbors and community. Because everything we do is done by volunteers, we are truly cost-effective.

How to donate to us where 100% of your donation reaches us

  • send us a check at:
    1030 Creston Rd, Berkeley, CA 94708

  • send us money from your Paypal account using Paypal with Friends (Paypal account needed)
    If you wish to send us a donation through Paypal with Friends, here are detailed illustrated instructions.

How to donate to us with a credit or debit card (no Paypal account needed)

We will pay a transaction fee of approximately 3% on your donation

How to donate to us using a charitable trust

Thanks so much for helping us help those who are vulnerable to COVID-19!

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