HelpBerkeley: COVID-19

Our First and Best Partner: The City of Berkeley

We are pleased and proud to coordinate our whole effort with the City of Berkeley.

Even before HelpBerkeley was started, its founders were working with the City of Berkeley: what caused the founding of HelpBerkeley was a discussion with the City of Berkeley, on the day after the Shelter-In-Place order took effect. We asked the city if it would be willing to start a food delivery service for seniors and others vulnerable to COVID-19. The city suggested that, if the founding group decided to offer that service on a non-profit basis, it would support us and let people know about us. We agreed, set up a goal to develop an infrastructure that would allow us to deliver up to 1,000 meals per day, and, 4 days later, on March 27, delivered our first meals.

Incidentally, on Thanksgiving 2020, our actual deliveries were very close to reaching our 1,000 meal goal :slight_smile:

Ever since this very first day, we have always seen the City of Berkeley as our primary stakeholder and support: they have delivered in droves. We have informally worked with several services in the city. They have done all they could to help us. In turn, we have tried to do all we could to satisfy what the city wanted and needed us to provide!

Some of the services we are in contact with are: