Please share our video for Giving Tuesday!

Good Morning, HelpBerkeley members!

This Giving Tuesday we are raising funds to provide more free meals to those in need. Stuart, one of amazing volunteers, created a heartwarming video to help promote HelpBerkeley today: you can see him in the video!

We hope this fundraiser will reach as many people as possible: would you help out and share this Facebook post?

We also have an instagram post you can share here!

If you do not use social media platforms, you can still share the Paypal fundraiser by email: the link to donate is below (You do not need a Paypal account, only a credit or debit card):

Thank you for all your help!


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Very compassionate, practical, problem solving for Berkeley! It also helps vital restaurants stay open. Please give a mention to each of them to advertise on your site.

Any idea on helping feed homeless?

What is the link for giving?

Much gratitude,






I use a fund to make charitable donations which must go to organization with a tax ID. Do you have that?

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Dear Michel,

I saw the fun HB video post on Facebook this morning and shared it on my feed encouraging folks to donate. I’m wondering if you’ve received the $100 donation and Thanksgiving card I mailed to HelpBerkeley before the holiday?

Check #1370, dated 11/19/2020, I put it in USPS mailbox on that day.

Please advise, thank you.

And I have much gratitude for all that you, HB team & volunteers, and restaurant partners, do for our community. I was a Thanksgiving meal recipient. The food was delicious and pretty. It was such a treat having a festive meal, and the kindness greatly helped brighten my otherwise solitary and quiet holiday weekend.

Lynn O

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