Please help us feed our neighbors!

Friends and neighbors,

We launched our new free meals program 5 weeks ago. Since then, we have already shipped more than 4,000 meals and meal-equivalents in cooked meals and groceries. The need we find is such that the program is expanding quickly—so quickly, in fact, that we may be maxing out our first kitchen in the next few weeks: we are already hard at work to try and launch a second kitchen.

Many of our own members cannot afford even low-cost meals: 17% or more are food insecure. Despite the upcoming vaccinations, many of our neighbors will continue to suffer, in the coming year, from food insecurity due to job loss or other pandemic-related setbacks. We are finding out that those we help in this program are mostly those who fall through the cracks: we are their last, or only opportunity to get food.

We can’t do this without your help. We are as cost-effective as one can be: it costs us $78 every month to feed one of our neighbors 6 solid meals per week. But we may need to feed 600-800 of our neighbors, or more, every month this year.

Can you please make a generous recurring donation now? Can you feed one of our neighbors every month for the rest of the year, for $78 per month—or give whatever you can?

With no paid staff or overhead, 100% of every dollar donated will reach those who need it most. Won’t you please help us HelpBerkeley?

Thank you so much for your support!

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