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Driver orientation for the Dec 23rd run?

Hi @riskybiz, @Ljhoakland, thanks so much for volunteering to drive the Dec 23rd run with HelpBerkeley!

We would very much like to schedule you on a driver orientation session for the drivers who will drive on the 23rd! We will have special sessions for that on Thursday 12/17 at 10:00am and 1:00pm: can you attend either?


I can attend the 10:00am driver training meeting. I assume it will be on Zoom or other platform. I look forward to receiving the link.

Thanks, LeRoy

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Hi @KaelanTdT, thank you for reaching out! Unfortunately, I am not available on Thursday days as it is when I volunteer for the ACCFB! If that is my only option to participate in the 12/23 run, I’ll see if I can sneak out at one of those times to join you. But if there are other dates/times for training, that would work better.

Thank you!

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Hi there, actually I’ll plan on doing the orientation on Sat 12/19 at 11am. Sorry, getting caught up on the other threads with new driver info. Thanks!

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