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HelpBerkeley & Bauman Wellness Weekly Monday Menus!

Friends and neighbors,

Every Monday we deliver a quantity of meals in batches of 6, cooked by our partner chefs Tony and Rhonda Gruska of Bauman Wellness, in the beautiful commercial kitchen of our partner Ed Bauman. We will post some pics of it sometime soon so that you can see this magnificent place!


Tony and Rhonda (they are both really photogenic!)

We will post the menus every week here!

Menus for Monday 2/22, provided by Bauman Wellness.

  1. Caribbean black beans and collard greens with turmeric coconut rice and mango chutney (vegetarian)

  2. Stewed chickpeas with Meyer lemon dino kale and roasted cauliflower (vegetarian)

  3. Green rice w pinto beans and carrots, with cilantro tomatillo salsa (vegetarian)

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Menus for Monday 3/1, provided by Bauman Wellness.

  1. Five-bean stew with black-eyed peas, kidney beans, navy beans, pinto beans, brown-eyed peas,
    spinach and herbs

The soaking beans

The spinach:

The final product:

  1. Asparagus risotto with cheese and herbs

  1. Bourbon-braised pork with collards, dirty rice and pinto beans


Bourbon-braised pork butt:

Menus for 3/8:

#1. South Indian dahl with japonica rice and cilantro mint sauce

#2. Asparagus fried rice with carrots, peppers and a peanut garnish

#3. Chicken cacciatore with cheesy cheddar polenta

Cooked by the wonderful Rhonda and Tony Gruska!

A few pictures:

Gorgeous looking dahl (lentils).

Chicken cacciatore: looks so good it is hard to pass on…

Delicious cheezy polenta: so appetizing!

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Menus for 3/15, cooked by Tony and Rhonda Gruska!

1 - Borscht with white beans, gorgeous! (veggie)

Look at this color!

2 - West African peanut stew with lentils, yum! (veggie)

Hard to resist eating it as you take a pic…

3 - Roasted chicken with asparagus, cauliflower, curried rice pilaf. So flavorful!


Menus for 3/22, cooked by Tony and Rhonda Gruska!

  1. Dal and Rice with tasty greens (vegetarian)

  1. Beans, green rice, cheese and olives (vegetarian)

  1. Chicken and vegetables with savory biscuits

Please note that these requesting vegetarian meals got 6 meals but only menus 1 and 2, along with savory biscuits.

3/29/21 menu:

#1- regular or veggie chunky, rich chili. Both have black, pinto, cranberry and kidney beans; brown rice. Regular comes with beef. Delicious!

#2 - Herb Swiss chard frittata served with meyer lemon, broccoli and kale. Savory veggie dish.

#3 - Hummus and tabbouleh salad with roasted red peppers, olives, artichoke hearts and cucumber. Beautiful veggie dish.

4/5/21 menu:

#1- regular or veggie polenta. Regular is topped with meat sauce and veg with fresh Mozzarella. Both are in a tomatillo cilantro sauce and garnished with scallions and kale sautéd with onion and Meyer lemon zest.


Meal #2 veggie:

Smoky bean and collard stew with garbanzo and giant beans. Great for a cold day!!


Meal #3 veggie: Red bell peppers stuffed with rice, fresh mozzarella, black olives and capers in a tomato based sauce atop rice with fennel, onions and celery. So colorful!

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4/12/ 21

#1, Marinated Salad, regular and veggie options. Both are full of color with artichoke hearts, black olives, garbanzo beans, celery, fennel, fresh mozzarella and labneh (yogurt) cheese. Regular option includes pork sausage.



#2 Peanut stew over brown rice. Deliciously made with ginger, sweet potatoes and greens.


Note: Each regular meal bag of three containers will have two stews and one salad. Each veggie meal bag will have two veg salads and one stew.

4/19/21. Meal Number 1

Meatballs in tomato sauce on top of cheesy polenta. Top with chard and ricotta salata

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Meal Number 2

3 Bean and Kale minestrone soup. Chicken broth with chickpeas and black-eyed peas and butter beans! Yummy!

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Meal Number 3
Vegetarian black bean soup with collard greens over cilantro rice. Top with lime cilantro sour cream. Tasty!

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Note: Vegetarians will receive 3 containers of black bean soup in their bags.

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Meal 1: Meat and veggie version, and veggie version (the veggie version comes to the veggie meal requests)

Chili with ground beef, pinto beans,celery, carrots, and spices served over rice. Topled with sour cream mixed with Meyer lemon zest and cilantro. Vegetarian version has no beef.


Meal 2 Veggie
Stirfried veggies over rice. Mixed greens, baby broccoli, bamboo shoots,
water chestnuts, baby corn, multicolored carrots. Mixed with soy sauce, tamari, ginger, onion, and rice wine vinegar. Topped with five spice roasted tofu.

Meal 3 Meat and veggie version, and veggie version (the veggie version comes to the veggie meal requests)

Fresh salad with chickpeas, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, black olives, artichokes, red bell pepper, and vinegarerect dressing. Topped with mozzarella balls and salami for the meat version. So fresh!

Menus for May 3:

#1 Creamy Polenta with wonderful smoked mozzarella and topped with marinara sauce. Veggie.

#2 Fluffy Frittata with herbs and chard. Yummy Fiscalini cheddar and colorful marinaded salad. Veggie.

#3 Savory Vegetable Stew with parsnips, rainbow carrots, garbanzo and pinto beans. Delicious veggie dish.


5/10 menu

#1, Chili con carne. Flavorful beef dish served over cheesy grits (polenta) and topped with Peruvian purple potatoes.

#2, Colorful lentils mixed with roasted butternut squash, onions, and cabbage. Served over white rice. Veggie.

#3, Serbian Stew. Beautiful vegetable dish with beets, fennel, onion, cabbage, carrots and greens. Yum!

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