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HelpBerkeley & Bauman Wellness Weekly Monday Menus!

Friends and neighbors,

Every Monday we deliver a quantity of meals in batches of 6, cooked by our partner chefs Tony and Rhonda Gruska of Bauman Wellness, in the beautiful commercial kitchen of our partner Ed Bauman. We will post some pics of it sometime soon so that you can see this magnificent place!


Tony and Rhonda (they are both really photogenic!)

We will post the menus every week here!

Menus for Monday 2/22, provided by Bauman Wellness.

  1. Caribbean black beans and collard greens with turmeric coconut rice and mango chutney (vegetarian)

  2. Stewed chickpeas with Meyer lemon dino kale and roasted cauliflower (vegetarian)

  3. Green rice w pinto beans and carrots, with cilantro tomatillo salsa (vegetarian)

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Menus for Monday 3/1, provided by Bauman Wellness.

  1. Five-bean stew with black-eyed peas, kidney beans, navy beans, pinto beans, brown-eyed peas,
    spinach and herbs

The soaking beans

The spinach:

The final product:

  1. Asparagus risotto with cheese and herbs

  1. Bourbon-braised pork with collards, dirty rice and pinto beans


Bourbon-braised pork butt: