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How do I select a meal?

Maybe this is silly question, but how do you go about making a meal selection? Where are the offerings posted? Is there a full range of options or just a few?
Looking forward to supporting my local restaurants, just need to get my bearings on all of this. Many thanks! Stay well. Be safe.


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Not silly at all!

We are trying to, at the same time, deliver, through our volunteer drivers, very affordable meals those at risk for COVID-19, and support our local restaurants. To do that, we came up with a formula where our restaurant partners can offer 2 meals for $10, delivered, but where they can also produce them cost-effectively.

The way it works is that we can choose the type of cooking we want (Thai, Indian, Chinese, etc.), the restaurant to order from, and the type of meal (veggie vs normal), while our restaurant partner picks the menu they will provide that day: it is like eating at a rustic restaurant’s host table. Today we pick the restaurant and call our order in. Tomorrow the restaurant determines the menu, packages the meals, our volunteer drivers pick up your order, deliver it to your door, and voila :slight_smile:

You can check our feedback section to see what people are saying about different restaurants–so far the reviews have been very positive for our restaurant partners:
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I look forward to reading your reviews!

Perfect. Thank you so much!

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