HelpBerkeley: COVID-19

How to Register(With Pictures)

To register for meals, please follow this step-by-step instruction set.

In order to get meals delivered, you will need to register on our site You will need an accessible email address.


  1. Click on “Click Here to Sign Up”

  1. Then go to the top right part of the page and select Sign Up

  1. Enter your Information in the boxes
    To order food, Do Not select anything in the “I want to volunteer” option.

  1. Once all boxes are filled, select Create New Account.
    Make sure to save your username and password
    in a safe place that is easily accessible.
    (Example: On a post-it note on your desk or next to you computer monitor)

  1. You will then be asked to check your email to verify your email.

  1. Open the email and click on the link

  2. Once confirmed, click on the activate your account button.


  1. Once activated, you will be directed to the home page of Help Berkeley.

  1. Find and click on the I Need Meals Discussion

  1. You will be directed to smaller discussions within the category. Click the
    Sick with COVID-19? Need meals? Read this and post here! discussion.

  1. Click Reply to the post.

  1. Type My name is [Insert first name] and I need meals and click reply.

  1. You are all set! you will now receive an email with all the directions for ordering, every day if you want, directly by phone with our restaurant partners. Thanks for registering!

@MichelThouati would something like this work? I have a bunch of screenshots of a test account that i created, and all i need to do is edit them, post them on imgur and link them in the thread.

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Danny, this could work REALLY well, excellent!

Don’t use imgur, we should upload the images to Discourse.

I will circulate it to all the people who have given us registration input (older people, to see what they think)–By tomorrow night or before I’ll have their input and send it to you. I will also try to send you the MailChimp info tonight.

Thanks a bunch, great start!

The next step is how we need to explain to them to go to the next step (become meal consumers). You should have a talk w @KaelanTdT on that, he can tell you the pain points.

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@dannydk7 , this perfectly answers the need!

  • can you make email pic larger so people can read better? Older people = harder time to see, and a good number of our customers are old.

  • are you intending to pretty up the pictures?

I am already going to replace the regular "How to Register"thread with your present content. Then, we you are done, we can upgrade it to the final version.

That was awesome!

When you are done, let me know, and we should do the same thing with becoming a consumer of meals.

@MichelThouati I might be able to make the picture bigger, but im not sure if discourse will allow it. Also, wdym by pretty up the pictures? Also, how do i upload images directly to discourse? the only way to allow an image to be shown(like in the thread) is if i copy and paste an image from a website. if i try to upload a picture, it becomes an attachment

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Yes, you are right, Discourse won’t allow it.

How about:

  • you shrink your browser width to smaller, and lose some of the answer text (probably)
  • then you can make it bigger

Yes, cool, it is good enough. I was looking at the first pic. I am being picky. Pen/arrow in red to attract attention more?

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yes sounds good

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Also, now that I look at the process - how about including the steps about registering for a meal in the same post, ie (summary here)

  • save your pwd in a place where you can find it easily
  • log back in to the site
  • go to the 'I need Meals"cat
  • click on the Need meals? At-risk for COVID-19? Read and reply here!"" thread
  • reply
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Perfect I will get to work on it! @MichelThouati

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Saving the pwd in a good place is important for the older folks :slight_smile:

Let me know about LastPass so I can share credentials with you (or send you the actual on PM)

Wherever your cursor is when you pick Upload, it will insert the image.There are a few, very few things, you can do to customize format.

We are charged on total storage (and pageviews), so pls resize your image before uploading it.

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@MichelThouati email me at the password. I have completed the How-To. Can you look it over and let me know if you have any edits or changes needed? Thanks!

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@dannydk7 can I call you now?

yes @MichelThouati

@dannydk7, a few problems with the new procedure when we tested it with a few seniors:

  • there is an alignment problem. We put a few dots to check: you will see, with the dots in it becomes clear where the problem is. It is not clear to me why, btw, but it is certainly a simple MarkDown issue.

  • there is a confusion issue between the screenshots and the regular background, because all the screenshot background are white. So our users can’t see the difference between the screenshots and the page, and have a very hard time seeing the instructions.
    Simple fix: let’s put soft, half-tone frames on every screenshot: this way, it will very clear what is the screenshot and what is the page background.

If you don’t know how to apply these frames let me know, I can show you a couple of ways! (ribbet, for instance). You may want to have a discussion with me on radius of curvature and half-tones, since we need to come up with a convention that we will apply on every similar post (otherwise it won’t look professional).

Thanks a bunch!

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I like the sound of this! Would love to hear your thoughts on what elements you think best define “HelpBerkeley”. Perhaps a short list of the fonts, colors, logo, etc, can help us ensure every material will be aligned?

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Hi @coralbm @MichelThouati, I have been using adobe illustrator, and if i apply a slight color filter, then i can get the numerical properties of the color and save it and replicate it across the site.(maybe create a shared google sheet to save presets/logos etc) also to make it easier, and less complicated, i can just add a black border around each image to separate it from the webpage background


Great! This would be helpful :slight_smile:

Did you see the infopraphics, in case anything resonates there in terms of color codes/fonts/etc?



@coralbm @MichelThouati Ah yes i see what colors i can use. Should i try to use colors from the infographic, or keep it simple and use a high contrast border(black) as i did for the first image.

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I’m open to see options! Adjusting colors in the infographics is one click away so no pressure to follow that theme.

Some recommendations that Michel and Kaelan shared on the infographics, in case it applies here too:

  • Fonts that are easy to read and as large as possible but optimizing for post view and mobile view.
  • Suggestion: We could try and match the font with the font used in the website - do you know the font name, btw?).
  • Dark fonts on clear backgrounds work better.
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