How to Register(With Pictures)

To register for meals, please follow this step-by-step instruction set.

In order to get meals delivered, you will need to register on our site You will need an accessible email address.


  1. Click on “Click Here to Sign Up”

  1. Then go to the top right part of the page and select Sign Up

  1. Enter your Information in the boxes
    To order food, Do Not select anything in the “I want to volunteer” option.

  1. Once all boxes are filled, select Create New Account.
    Make sure to save your username and password
    in a safe place that is easily accessible.
    (Example: On a post-it note on your desk or next to you computer monitor)

  1. You will then be asked to check your email to verify your email.

  1. Open the email and click on the link

  2. Once confirmed, click on the activate your account button.


  1. Once activated, you will be directed to the home page of Help Berkeley.