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JAM meal request: incomplete information

@JAM, you signed up to register for Help Berkeley but your address is incomplete. If you still want to sign up, please you provide your complete delivery address by answering this email. And is your place an apartment or condo? Would it be obvious to the driver, where to deliver meals? Perhaps you were signing up to volunteer – would you let us know? Thanks!

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Hello thank you for reaching out. My address is 295 [edited for personal info]. I was in the hospital right after I signed up maybe did not have full concentration. I’m home now. Thank you.

We’ll fix your address. Below is the info you need for ordering meals through us. I can’t get into the system to fix your address so someone else will have to do that – I’ve sent them a request. So wait a little to order – our delivery volunteers use our computer system for delivery addresses. I’ll check back and you should hear from me or someone else when it’s OK for you to order meals. Hope you’re feeling better. Below is our standard welcome info:

Hi @JAM, welcome to !

You registered to order meals from the restaurants in our program: our dispatchers just made you a consumer. This means that the system now recognizes you as a consumer, and you can now see consumer-only areas of the website.

Ordering restaurant meals
Here is a link for detailed instructions on your first meal order:

  • If you order meals tomorrow before 5pm, you will receive them the next day in the evening.
  • Please note, that, if you are in a condo or apartment building (essentially a building with an outside doors that is not yours), the driver will call you from her previous delivery, let you know of her arrival, and expect you downstairs: so it is very important that the phone number you list in our database (the one you registered with us) be accurate.
  • important note: we use the phone number you give to the restaurant to find your address in our database, so please give the restaurants the number you gave us when you order (they will ask for name and phone number).

Free groceries & meals program
If you are food insecure, please look into our new free groceries & meals program! This link provides information, and a link to register (you need to login in order to click on this link):

Questions or feedback
If anything in the process is unclear, and if you need to ask questions or send feedback, please reply to this thread, or create a new topic here: If you are unable to do so, you can always call our helpline at 510-288-3080—it is a little slower to get help though, as we will likely call you back!

We hope you will enjoy your meals. Thanks very much!

You had initially written your address as “265” (with no street) – which is it?

[edited for personal info]

@JAM You had initially written your address as “265” (with no street) – which is it?

So sorry- it’s 295 [edited for personal info]


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Great — this should be updated this evening And you should be able to order meals beginning tomorrow evening for the next day.


@JAM, @vanhouse: address is updated, thanks a bunch!

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[edited for personal info]

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