Meals for Greg & Elizabeth

Just testing the system – what do I do next to order a meal?

@gward , I just marked you down as a consumer, i.e. you can now see the consumer-only areas.

Here is a link for pointers on your first meal order. (only clickable by already registered consumers)

Our restaurant partners are still learning the system. Please remind them to take your credit card when you call, if they don’t take it automatically.

Please send us feedback so we can improve what we can. You can start a thread in the /I Need Meals/Feedback/ area (you can now see this area) and add a reply to your own thread for every detail that you see where there is a problem. Thanks very much!

Thanks, I just placed an order with Kim’s, and they wanted a code or number to verify I was with HelpBerkeley’s client list. I had no idea what she was talking about – do we have a general code we’re supposed to use? I didn’t see that in the instructions.

Generally, this method of ordering is obtuse and hard to navigate for a new user.

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No, we don’t have a code.

But we do ask people to specifically ask for “HelpBerkeley Rations” in our FAQs. We obviously need to make this more prominent. This may be what they were talking about. I will drive over today and ask.

We badly need to make our explanations simpler.

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Ah, OK. I did start off mentioning HelpBerkeley and rations, but maybe they didn’t hear. It might be useful to call and clarify with them the protocol.

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