Ordering for someone else: how to make it work?

I am a volunteer with Berkeley Mutual Aid. I would like to order meals for my buddy, who is blind and does not have access to a computer. I want to make sure it doesn’t get confused in the ordering process since I’ll be paying and ordering, but the driver will need to call her landline in order to contact her for delivery. Having never ordered here before, do you think we’ll be able to work around that? Thanks! Linda


This is a little tricky but workable:

  • the account needs to use your email address, since you need to be able to login and check the restaurant’s list. You will have the password and validate the account.
  • the account full name should be in your friend’s name, since the drivers use real names when they call
  • the delivery address and phone number should be in your friend’s name, because that is necessary for the driver
  • when ordering, you need to use your friend’s full name and phone number (the one you give us), because this will be how we can identify the delivery address.
  • Of course, when you give you CC to the restaurant it will need to be with your personal info, which will be different from the one we have in the system (that is quite fine).

The only concern is that we won’t have a way to contact you. We also don’t have a way to keep track of the fact that you and the person delivered to are two different people. Possibly a way to deal with that is that you could use the second number in the registration page for your phone number? The only downsides are:

  • if your friend has a second phone number, we won’t have it (as a fallback)
  • you may occasionally get a driver’s call when the driver cannot get a hold of your friend.

Important questions:

  1. will your friend be able to meet the driver downstairs if they are in an appt building?
  2. Will our driver be able to reliably contact your friend if they are in an appt building? It will be time critical.

Let us know if you’d like to get someone to call you to discuss in detail.

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