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Friend asking me to help her set up

Re: a friend who needs help

Dear Michel and Everyone,
You are all beautiful Heroes!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

A friend who is also a senior with health issues doesn’t have a cell phone but a landline. She also lives in north Berkeley Gourmet Ghetto neighborhood.
She needs my help to set up her which I can easily do from my home. Her HelpBerkeley ID would be her name and her landline.
I told my friend that I would use my credit card when calling in to order rations for her. I can use my other credit card so as not to confuse her HelpBerkeley account with my account.
Should my friend call you to verify that I shall be using my credit card when I call Restaurant Partners? Then, each time I call a Restaurant Partner, I would give out my friend’s landline phone number (for Volunteers to deliver ration to her home), but, the name attached to credit card would be me, not her. Thank you for your courage and compassion!


@Teresa, it is so nice of you to set up your friend!

Your scheme can totally work. Here are some points:

  • you should use her name and her landline phone number, as you described

  • there is going to be a problem with the email address: since your email address is already in the system, it won’t let you sign up with another account on the same email address: you will need to use hers if she has one. If she does not, it gets a bit trickier but still feasible (it will need Helpline support).

  • your friend will still need to validate her email address when she gets the confirmation email right after you register her (assuming you end up using her email address)

  • there is no need to use a separate credit card: only the restaurant sees that. And—our friend does not need to call us to verify anything. It should work as is.

  • Everything you described about the order making works, with this one small exception: when you give the name and phone number to the restaurant, you should give your friend’s name and phone number. The reason is that we use both to figure out whose address we need to deliver to. I believe that there is no problem, in general, when the CC name is different from the name given to them for the order. But you can always mention that in passing when you talk to the restaurant.

Let us know if you need some support with the email part, of if everything can work smoothly! Thanks again for helping your friend register!

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