Problem with Food Purchased

I ordered the meal rations and it was delivered on time. The first ration which was a meat rations was quite good. The other had very very salty black beans with noodles and sprouts. The black beans were completely inedible due to the salt content for older people and those like me who have high blood pressure. How should I handle this the next time? To tell them low salt? We ended up trying to lift the beans from the rest but it was not possible and I threw the dish out. Has anyone else had this problem?


This is a restaurant-by-restaurant issue: the first step would be to call the restaurant and discuss the content of the food with them. Once you have done that, can you let us know what came out?

As a note, I have had test rations from the restaurant you ordered from and found them satisfactory: it may have been their choice of the night that was inappropriate.

Many of our restaurant partners are ready to deliver low sodium rations.