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Help Berkeley ration normal or veggie

I will be placing my first order tomorrow Sunday 5/24. can I ask the restaurant receptionist what is included in the normal ration vs veggie ration? for normal, I only eat seafood for animal meat and I don’t eat much rice.


@chiqui, these are difficult issues, and, probably, ones where I can’t give you the answer you want!

Often, the restaurant manager does not make her choice of the menu du jour until the morning of the day where the rations are due. So, depending upon the restaurant, they possibly won’t know what will be in either the normal ration or the veggie ration.

I understand both issues. I am a Type 1 diabetic and I eat fairly low carb. But the meals we can get through these programs are not low carb: the only way for the meals to be cost effective is for them to have a good amount of carbs. I find the menus I have had all good or very good in terms of taste, but not low carb. As for seafood, it is rare and cannot be requested (no substitutions in the program, just a straight menu du jour). So it seems to me that the right bet for you is veggie rations.

You will find that some restaurants are better than others for veggie rations (the Restaurants/Feedback section is a good one to read or ask). In the test rations I received, I found that some places had absolutely delicious veggie rations: I was really astonished!

One important aspect of the process is that we need to make sure that order calls are short: the program only works for the restaurants in the program if they don’t spend too much time on the phone with us. If the restaurants spend too much time on the phone with us, they will decide to quit the program, because it will be too costly for them to do: so it is important to make sure that we are very efficient and short as we discuss issues with them :slight_smile:


thank for answering my questions. the information you gave me is very helpful in many ways from type of meals to making an order( keep short phone call).