HelpBerkeley: COVID-19

Volunteer driver gward

I can drive meals. I prefer only one route/outing per day, as I am rather busy with work-from-home activities during the week. Weekends are a bit more flexible.


Welcome, @gward, thanks very much for volunteering!

I just made you a driver. You can now access all driver-only areas, that is, all subcats under the present /I can drive meals/ categories. Please read all the driver FAQs starting with New Driver Welcome.

Please give us as much feedback as you can in the /Drivers Only/ area, so that we can quickly improve the site.

We will put the scheduling request sheet online as soon as possible, in the next few hours.

@gward, are there days when you definitely cannot drive in the next two weeks?

I don’t mean that you would need to drive every day: I just need to know when to make sure I don’t schedule you.

Generally, it would be best if I didn’t have to drive on Mondays. Those are my busiest days. Other than that, I don’t really have a set schedule, or anything coming up in the next couple of weeks. Thanks!


Understood! Thank you for the info. We are hoping to have a driver scheduling spreadsheet up and running soon. We will share the document with you as soon as we finish it, and will update it with your information.

Am I driving any meals today? I didn’t get a notification…

@gward no, you don’t have to do any deliveries today, but thank you for checking in :slight_smile: ! If you would like to see the spreadsheet where we post which drivers will be driving in the future without having to worry about a notification, you can check the driver spreadsheet.