We need a meal

Forgot to check needing meals


No worries, @juliasimone, our dispatchers will take care of you within the next couple of hours!

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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We have not heard from anyone yet


Hi @juliasimone , welcome to HelpBerkeley.org!

You registered to order meals from the restaurants in our program: our dispatchers just made you a consumer! This means that the system now recognizes you as a consumer, and you can now see consumer-only areas of the website.

Here is a link for pointers on your first meal order, there are detailed instructions in it as to how to order a meal:

Note: this link is only clickable by registered consumers.

  • If you order meals tomorrow before 5pm, you will receive them the next day in the evening.
  • Please note, that, if you are in a condo or apartment building (essentially a building with an outside doors that is not yours), the driver will call you from her previous delivery, let you know of her arrival, and expect you downstairs: so it is very important that the phone number you list in our database (the one you registered with us) be accurate.
  • important note: we use the phone number you give to the restaurant to find your address in our database, so please give the restaurants the number you gave us when you order (they will ask for name and phone number).

If anything in the process is unclear, and if you need to ask questions, please reply to this thread, or create a new topic in the subcategory /Support/Questions/.

Our restaurant partners are still learning the system. Please remind them to take your credit card information when you call, if they don’t take it automatically.

Please send us feedback so we can improve what we can. To send feedback, you can reply to this thread, or create a new topic in the subcategory /Support/Feedback/.

We hope you will enjoy your meals. Thanks very much!

Thank you!!!


You are so welcome!

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Ordered for my elder/blind friend, thanks!! What time can I tell her it arrives?
Also how do I see my profile to make sure I put in the right address?

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Hi @juliasimone:

We talked to your friend, all the information is correct. The way you can check it out:

To check which address you registered, go to your profile:

  • At the top right of the screen, you should see your initial - J - in a colored circle. Click the circle.
  • In the menu that pops up, click your name at the top left.
  • Click “preferences.”
  • Click “Profile” (in the list on the left).
  • Scroll down and you’ll see the address that you registered.

As for the timing, typically our drivers have collected the rations from the restaurants by 5:45pm. The delivery time depends on the number and location of deliveries the driver is making; currently deliveries are normally arriving by 7:30pm, often much earlier, although this could change on days with particularly high demand. The driver calls the consumer when they arrive. (And to clarify just in case, if you placed the order earlier today, the delivery arrives tomorrow evening.)

You still have time to order today for tomorrow: you will need to call our “Late Order” restaurant for that: you can call until 8:30, but don’t wait too long, just in case!

Ordered today. You all are SO AWESOME THANK YOU!!!


So glad it is working out! Your friend appears super nice!

What did she say? Ha. I actually just met her - I am matched to her through Berkeley Mutual Aid. I am her buddy.

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She thinks you are WONDERFUL!

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That is so nice of you to volunteer with them!