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What are the rations made of?

Last Q (I think):
Are the 2 meals in each ration the same?
Or lunch + dinner?
Or varied?


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Hi @Gil_Jane!

The ration is supposed to provide you with one dinner plus the next day’s lunch.

But how it is implemented depends on the restaurants :slight_smile: Some (few, I think only one right now) provide the same meal twice. Others provide two different meals that are largely interchangeable. The majority gives you two meals which are intended to be specifically a dinner and a lunch, and where the dinner is often larger and possibly “heavier” than the lunch.

I hope this gives you a good idea of what to expect in general! The reviews you can read in the Restaurant category may give you an idea of what to expect in particular.

Keep on asking away as much as you need: we are here to help!

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