HelpBerkeley: COVID-19

2 people in house

So we both have to be registered and promoted to order 2 rations? Unclear how it works.

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@Pamelajs, you need two different accounts if two different people will order to the restaurants:

  • we identify the address of delivery by taking the name and phone number of the person ordering (the restaurants give us that information), and looking it up in the database. If two partners order, we need two accounts, so we can find both of them in the database.

On the other hand, as long as you only order yourself, you can order several rations at once, so you do not need to have two accounts. But, if you have only one account and if your partner orders, and uses a different name and phone number, we will not find that person in our database, and therefore we will not be able to deliver.

As a result:

  • we would like to have an account for each person who is likely to order

  • but either person can order for both anytime they order.

Hope this makes sense! Let me know if this is clear.

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