Do I need to tell HelpBerkeley everytime I order?

Hi Kaelan,

Thanks for all the info, but I am still confused about one thing. I just ordered a ration for tomorrow from [xxx (edited)]. Do I need to officially notify you of that, and can you consider this notification? If not, can you please send me a direct link to the page where I can indicate I am ordering my first meal?

And my second question is: if I order another meal from a second restaurant on another day, will they still call and let you know — or do I need to tell you directly each time I work with a new restaurant?

Thanks so much for doing all this! I really, really appreciate it.



@DBW, you do not need to let us know: tonight, our volunteers will take a picture of the deliveries for tomorrow from each restaurant. Then we will look up your address based on the phone number you gave them (hopefully you gave them the same number you gave us!)

You never do. We will always know about your delivery directly from the restaurant. Once you have registered with us, you never need to contact us again, although we are happy to hear from you!

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Thank you, Kaelan. I am happy to hear from you, too! I really appreciate your immediate responses both today and last night.

This is such a difficult time, and I am especially grateful for the “kindness of strangers” at this moment. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!!!


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