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Can I order from two different restaurants the same day?

Greetings, I am so touched by this offering. I am nearly 68 and my husband is 91. So we are particularly grateful.
Question:s 1. Does my husband need to sign up or can I order two meals at a time.
2. Can we order from two different restaurants if we can order for 2 or just one restaurant per time. Blessings for health and safety. Ronna and Peter


Dear Ronna,

we are pleased as punch that this can be useful to you! Your questions:

You can order several meals at a time: no problem.

You can order from two different restaurants on the same day.

Do be careful about one thing: the restaurants do not ask for your address, only your name and phone number. As long as you order yourself, that is no problem. But if your husband orders under his own name and with a different phone number, we won’t be able to find him/you in the database when we get his order form from the restaurant. So, if your husband is also going to order (whether it is one or two meals), it is best that you also register him, so that, whether you or he calls, we can always find you in the database. Hope this makes sense!

Thanks so much! You are supernice, and we truly hope that you enjoy your meals! Free free to ask more questions as you need.


Hi Kaelan TdT:
Wow, what a wonderful reply to Ronna, your kindness jumps off the page. I too had this exact inquiry about the rules for ordering same day, multiple meals or 2 different restaurants. You answered Ronna’s questions and mine with such joy. I just started to order this meal service for my 82 y.o. mother. This is wonderful non profit work you’re doing and I’m grateful to keep her safely sheltered in home but able to enjoy the local restaurant food she loves. Thank you all again!

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