Edith1 driver

My names edith and i’m a berkeley high student and would love to volunteer for driving/delivering meals

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Hi @edith1 welcome to HelpBerkeley.org and thanks very much for volunteering!

I am a Berkeley High student also :slight_smile: Our dispatchers have made you a driver, so now you can access the driver-only subcategories (subcats) on the website.

FAQ: what an event driver needs to know

We’d love to schedule a 30-minute event driver training session on Zoom: can you make a session this Sunday 1/23 at 11:00am, or Next Monday eve at 8:00pm?

Please be sure to have read through your FAQ first before you go to orientation!

Since you are at BHS, I assume that you are available evening runs for not for afternoon (departure about 3-3:30pm) runs, correct?

Thank you for again for volunteering your time with us, we’re glad to have you on board!

yes, would you like to email me about the zoom? i can do 1/23. thanks

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