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Happy New Year to our chef Alan Finkelstein!


In 2021 we cooked many thousands of meals, thanks to many volunteers, but mostly to our wonderful chef Alan Finkelstein!

Alan has led several of our kitchens in succession. He is full of wisdom, easygoing but with a solution to everything, and a mine of information about industrial cooking that none of us “regular volunteers” can ever hope to match!

After producing 28,000 meals per day for many years as the executive chef of SJSU, Alan became a professor at SJSU for 16+ years. He also has a catering business in Berkeley. He has led our volunteers, week in week out, to produce more than they could ever expect to do, and he has done it while teaching everyone good technique and keeping everyone happy—even the many children that come to our prep sessions.

Thanks so much to Alan for his wonderful work with us: we wish you a wonderful new year!

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Thanks for cooking. :man_cook: I just got my first Mon Meals.

HOORAY! I don’t see any brusssprouts!!! :+1: :clap:

'22 way better than '21…

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