Jan1 Packer

Hi @Jan1, thanks so much for volunteering with us!

Our dispatchers have made you an HB volunteer: you can now see volunteer areas on the website. Your home category is Logistics: you are part of The Pack! You will get tagged in your area and receive notifications and emails from threads that carry information important to you.

We all look forward to working with you.

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Hello. I am a first-time volunteer (my name is Jan Lister). I would like to join Gina Gozinsky in packing tomorrow, 12/23. Can I get a confirmation that I am set to volunteer tomorrow?

Also - can you send me instructions on where to come and what time?



Jan, welcome! We’re happy to have you! We know Gina, she is also driving with us tomorrow!

FYI @MichelThouati @mgabriel

@Jan1, welcome! I replied to you in this thread: https://go.helpberkeley.org/t/bagging-and-shipping-out-meals-for-the-holiday-run-dec-23rd/5034/25

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