Naomi2 volunteer request

I want to volunteer to deliver meals not receive them. Please help!

I had meant to sign up to volunteer to deliver meals but I DO NOT WISH TO RECEIVE MEALS. Somehow my submission was miscoded. How do I get trained in volunteering so I can help out with this service? Thanks.

Naomi Schneider

Hi @naomi2! I’m so sorry about the mix up, I’d love to help you ramp up to be a volunteer. I tried leaving a voicemail, but it was full, sorry :frowning: .

On HelpBerkeley, we have two major roles for volunteers, dispatchers and drivers.

Drivers, are, well, pretty self explanatory. You’d need to be able to use the discourse app on your phone.

Dispatchers are more varied in the roles they partake in:

  • Customer care: respond to questions from new members on how to register and use the system
    Our volunteers may pick shifts of roughly 3 hours, throughout the day and the week
  • Workflow dispatch: prepare delivery runs for our drivers—a somewhat technical and detailed-oriented task that requires good familiarity with spreadsheets
    Workflow dispatching shifts start at 7:00pm. Volunteer may pick days of the week for their shifts.

Which one would you like to participate in (or you could do both)?

Hi Kaelan,

Thanks for your note. I appreciate it. I could do both drive and/or dispatch, depending on which is most needed. Thanks!

Ok @naomi2 sounds good! Could I call you tomorrow to get you signed up for trainings?

Thanks Kaelan. Yes, feel free to call me but I’m tied up until noon. Thanks!