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Please volunteer to drive by posting here

Hi, a friend asked if a 16-year-old with a driver’s license can be a driver for Help Berkeley. I searched the site, but was unable to find any info about minimum age requirements.
(BTW, I’m already a driver–the friend asked because I posted on Facebook about Help Berkeley!)


Thank you for posting on Facebook about us! In terms of age requirement, there’s not really one and we have high schoolers volunteering as well as some younger drivers teaming up with parents/grandparents in driver/deliverer teams.

So, if your friend is interested, definitely get them to register and feel free to volunteer. @MichelThouati and I will train them and see if it is still appropriate or if teaming up with someone older is better. But by all means, they are more than welcome to join our amazing team of volunteers:)))


very available for driving, tho prefer biking. Need the exercise.


Hi. I can drive most mornings and evenings, but not in the afternoon


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I am a BHS student, and my family and I are available to drive most days of the week :slight_smile:


Hi, my name is Leila and I’m a BHS student. I can drive on Thanksgiving for sure, and other dates in the future.


I am willing to deliver the thanksgiving meal. That is all

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@MichelThouati. Am I listed As a thanksgiving volunteer? I didn’t get confirmation

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Yes, thanks very much! You were just added there:

and there:

i can’t get onto those pages. says they are private

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Can you refresh and try again, and let me know if you are able to get there?

I got onto the list of drivers. So I guess I’m ok.

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Now that you have received Sara’s briefing, you will receive a welcome message from the dispatchers later tonight about being a driver :slight_smile:

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So happy to help

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