HelpBerkeley: COVID-19

Volunteer Driver: Raffaele

My general availability is weekdays after work (~5:30PM onwards) and occasionally on the weekends.

Can deliver ~2 meals per week.

If I will be delivering during a given evening, advance notice would be appreciated. The hours in my industry can be volatile at times, and I’d love to make sure I set time aside ahead of time to volunteer.

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@raffi12345, thank you so much for volunteering! We’re glad to have you with us!

I have made you a driver, so now you can access the driver-only subcategories (subcats) on the website.

Below is a link to a helpful post for new drivers to ramp up and learn more. If you have any questions, there are also FAQ’s in the driver subcats, or you can create a new post. (only clickable by drivers)

Thank you again for your time!

@KaelanTdT I’m going to reply to your post on the main thread here, which read:

"We will make sure to let you know with plenty of advance time when we schedule you, we can talk more about this one on one. If you’d like, maybe we could also schedule you the same time every week so you are not surprised, and can plan ahead.

Just so you know, when a driver does a delivery for Help Berkeley, they pick up meals from a restaurant(s), and then deliver those meals to multiple houses (up to 10) per day. Would you like us to schedule you for up to 2 trips per week?

Let us know, and we can start scheduling you for delivery runs. Later when, you get to know the site a little better, you can directly edit the driver scheduling spreadsheet (found above), and let us know that way.

Thank you again from the whole community!"

I’m going to propose the following

Why don’t I start off driving and delivering on Tuesday + Thursday evenings for the next two weeks (starting Thursday, April 2nd)

I assume this will make me unavailable from around 6PM until around 9PM, but let me know if that’s in the ballpark or so. Just want to clear with my employer first! Once I get a green-light from my employer, I will go ahead and confirm with you so that I can get added to the schedule.


@raffi12345, we can totally schedule you for those days, we will also notify you 48 hours in advance to the delivery run.

I think a more realistic time estimate would be starting from 5:30-5:45 pm to get prepared for the run, and ending probably around 8PM. For now, the demand for meals is low since we are on a pilot stage, so the runs tend to take only take about an hour and half.

@KaelanTdT Sounds good! I’m all-set for tomorrow. Looking forward to it.

@KaelanTdT Just noticed that it looks like things are covered actually tomorrow! If we need another driver, I’ll be standing by. Let me know (:

@raffi12345 thank you for looking ahead on the schedule! We will let you know next time you are set to drive, but you can keep checking on the spreadsheet if you are ever wondering :slight_smile: