HelpBerkeley: COVID-19


Here you can access HelpBerkeley governing nonprofit documents and tax forms for the past 3 years once they are available.

Application for tax exemption: HbCore#06_1023EZSubmit_2020-08-28 (1).pdf (18.8 KB)

Tax-exempt determination letter: HBCore#09_IRSDeterminationLetter2020-10-23.pdf (468.4 KB)

Conflict of interest statement: HbConflictOfInterestBlankForm_2020-09-26.pdf (30.1 KB)

2020 Form 990 Part 1: HB_Form_990_2020_Part1.pdf (2.3 MB)

2020 Form 990 Part 2: HB_Form_990_2020-Part2.pdf (1.8 MB)